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本文摘要:Didi Kuaidi is poised to become the first legal ride-hailing service in Shanghai, under a pilot programme launched by the city’s government designed to bring online private taxi services into the economic mainstream.“滴滴慢的”(Didi Kuaidi)未来将会


Didi Kuaidi is poised to become the first legal ride-hailing service in Shanghai, under a pilot programme launched by the city’s government designed to bring online private taxi services into the economic mainstream.“滴滴慢的”(Didi Kuaidi)未来将会沦为上海第一款合法的微信服务。上海市政府启动了将在线专车服务带入经济主流的试点计划。

In another sign of Didi Kuaidi’s favour with the state, China Investment Corp, the country’s sovereign-wealth fund, intends to invest in the company as part of a $2bn financing round, according to a person familiar with the situation. The CIC typically takes stakes in projects deemed to be strategic to the country.“滴滴慢的”深得政府青眼的另一个标志是,据一名知情人士透漏,中国的主权财富基金——中国投资公司(CIC)无意投资于该公司,参予一轮20亿美元融资。中投公司一般来说在被视作对国家具备战略意义的项目购入股权。The group said discussions with Shanghai authorities began in May and the new arrangement would begin with an initiative to register all drivers on the same information platform used by other conventional taxi drivers.“滴滴慢的”称之为,与上海市有关部门的商谈是在5月启动的,新的决定的第一步将是在普通出租车司机所用的同一信息平台上注册所有司机。

Steven Wang, the company’s head of strategy, said Didi Kuaidi “reached a comprehensive co-operation agreement with the Shanghai government”.公司战略主管Steven Wang回应,滴滴慢的“已与上海市政府达成协议全面合作协议”。“We are co-operating with the government so it stands to reason that we are in the process of finding a legal path,” he added.“我们正在与政府积极开展合作,因此可以说道,我们正在找寻一条合法的路径,”他补足说道。Mr Wang said the proposed agreement involved greater sharing of information on drivers and passengers with the government, mandating that all data servers had to be stationed in China and transportation sensitive data must be “uploaded to regulators” and could not be transferred abroad. He added that companies that complied with the agreement would be required to have an internet content provider licence.Steven Wang说道,建议书中的协议牵涉到更好与政府共享有关司机和乘客的信息,拒绝所有数据服务器落户中国境内,拒绝交通敏感数据上载至监管机构,且不得移往到境外。

他补足说道,遵从该协议的企业将必须取得一份互联网内容提供商许可证。“We have been working with the Shanghai government to find a total solution,” said Mr Wang. “Didi Kuaidi is the only company that satisfies all the criteria.”“我们仍然在与上海政府合作,期望寻找一个全面的解决方案,”Steven Wang说道。“滴滴慢的是符合所有标准的唯一一家公司。”Private taxis are illegal in China and local governments in particular have fought against the encroachment by Didi and Uber, the US ride-hailing app, on lucrative licensed taxi monopolies by fining the companies’ drivers.专车服务在中国是非法的,特别是在是地方政府压制滴滴和美国微信应用于优步(Uber)蚕食有利可图的出租车专营牌照制度的不道德,对这些公司的司机展开惩处。

However, China’s political leaders have made clear that they see potential benefits from such services, including the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution. Shanghai has traditionally been used as a testing ground for new economic policies before they are rolled out nationally.然而,中国的政治领导人已指出,他们指出此类服务具备潜在效益,还包括增加交通拥堵和污染。上海历年来被当成新的经济政策在全国推展之前的试验场。Mr Wang said he had no information on whether the company’s drivers had been exempted from police raids on private taxis last month in which several dozen drivers reportedly had their cars impounded and police had threatened to revoke their licences.Steven Wang说道,他不确切滴滴快的的司机否在上月警方对专车采行的执法人员行动中取得免税。在那次行动中,据报导有数十名司机的汽车被扣留,警方威胁要注销他们的驾驶执照。

Uber was the only service mentioned by name in media reports, but the US company said it had not been singled out.优步是媒体报道中唯一被点名的服务,但这家美国公司称之为,它并不是唯一的抨击对象。Didi’s efforts at legalisation in Shanghai will do little to dispel the impression that China’s domestic internet companies face fewer challenges operating in the country than their foreign competitors.滴滴在上海作出的合法化希望,将急于避免这样的印象,即中国国内互联网企业比外国竞争对手面临较少的挑战。

“Of the five criterion mentioned, it is quite obvious that Uber is the only company that will have trouble in legalisation, apparently, as its servers are overseas,” said Zhang Xu, an expert on ride-hailing apps at Analysys, the Beijing-based internet consultancy.“在提及的五个标准中,很显著优步是唯一在合法化方面有困难的公司,因为其服务器在境外,”北京互联网咨询公司易观国际(Analysys)的微信应用于专家张旭回应。Uber said it did not see “any hurdles” complying with the conditions, adding: “We believe the Shanghai government will support Uber as a tech-driven internet company bringing innovation to the city as much as they support other players in the market.”优步回应,它没什么符合这些条件有“任何障碍”,相提并论:“我们坚信,上海市政府将反对优步作为一家技术驱动型的互联网企业,把创意带回该市,就像他们反对市场上的其他企业一样。”The company said on Monday that it had completed the set-up of Uber China, the only separate company it has created in a major market that it has targeted. Analysts said the move could be an effort to comply with the country’s legalisation requirements.该公司周一回应,它已完成了优步中国(Uber China)的重新组建工作,这是它在大型目标市场创立的唯一独立国家实体。






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